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Google Analytics Plugins

4 best Google Analytics Plugins

Are you looking for the best Google Analytics Plugins? 

 Google Analytics can be one of your company’s best worth. The objective- time data you collect from the free platform will help you optimize your marketing strategies, learn further about your following, and upgrade your sales funnel. 

In other words, the type of knowledge you get through Google Analytics isn’t just power; it’s profit.  The only problem is that Google Analytics isn’t known for its user-friendly interface. That can lead to marketers sifting through data pages looking for the information they need. 

But there’s an easier way.  That’s why, now, we’re going to look at the best Google Analytics WordPress plugins. Here’s the list of tools we’ll be looking at 



MonsterInsights is the popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It allows you to add Google Analytics to your site smoothly, and you’ll enter your reports right from your WordPress dashboard.

The MonsterInsights plugin makes it easy to line up the foremost advanced Google Analytics features in WordPress in only a couple of clicks. As you would possibly imagine, it works behind the scenes and won’t affect any WordPress theme you’re using on the front-end.

No coding is necessary, and developers are needed, perfect for tiny businesses on a budget.

With the confected-in Google Analytics dashboard, you don’t even need to leave WordPress to urge helpful visitor information, like your best business sources, top-ranking articles, site page views, outbound links, and far others.

MonsterInsights works with Universal Analytics and, therefore, the newest account of Google’s analytics platform, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). You hook up with whatever version you’re running; otherwise, you can hook up with both versions at an equivalent time with MonsterInsights’ double Tracking feature.

The plugin also comes with several addons that reach its functionality and make it truly more helpful.

Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce, Google Search Console, Easy Digital Downloads, and MemberPress allows you to track effects like conversion rate, keyword rankings, deals, and average order value with one click.

The EU Compliance addon makes it easy to misbehave with data protection laws. It also comes with a Forms addon that allows you to track form views, cessions, and form conversion rates fluently.

MonsterInsights is the stylish Google Analytics plugin for WordPress because it’s simple to use but comes full of advanced features.

It’s perfect for staying on top of your crucial SEO criteria, seeing how druggies are engaging together with your social media accounts, link criterion, tracking custom events (like active installs), and far further.

These real-time stats will assist you in lessening your marketing strategy and inducing other deals from your website. You’ll also get dispatch reports transferred to your inbox, so you’ll stay “in the know” at the least times.

That makes MonsterInsights the fashionable WordPress Google Analytics reports plugin on the request.

Plus, it’ll walk you step-by-step through the way to install Google Analytics if you’re starting.

And if you ever get wedged, there are plenty of coffers, including attestation, tutorials, blog posts, and help tickets.

2. Enhanced Ecommerce a Google Analytics Plugins

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin

Still, this free WordPress plugin might be the plugin for you, If you’re trying to find a Google Analytics plugin to trace your WooCommerce store.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin uses the eCommerce tracking feature of Google Analytics to assist you to optimize your online store predicated on the info collected from visitor actions. The plugin supports all the in-depth reporting the Google Analytics offers, also like four new reports included in Enhanced eCommerce.Shopping actions, Checkout actions, Product Performance, and Deals Performance

This plugin also helps you capture plenty of site actions which will assist you in understanding how visitors are browsing and shopping your site.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin does accompany limitations, of course. For starters, it only supports simple products, largely customized stores, subscription products, shortcodes, or child themes.

The only strike is that there are reports of this plugin deleting its settings which may cause significant headaches for website holders.

Give Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin a try today!

3. Google Analytics by 10Web

google analytics by 10web

Google Analytics Plugins

Google Analytics by 10Web is another easy-to-install plugin that allows you to set and manage plans, create and use custom range, and consider Google Analytics reports from the comfort of your WordPress admin area.

This plugin also integrates with Google Advertisements and Google AdSense to offer you essential data about your advertisement campaigns, each within the same dashboard.

Here are a number of the opposite features of google analytics by 10web eCommerce reporting, Goal management, Custom reporting, warnings when criteria reach specified high or low points, Share reports via an automated mail, Export reports to CSV files, Filter tracked data to except certain user types, locales, or IP addresses. Google Analytics by 10Web also features outstanding client support and vows to resolve your issue. Do you have to have one within 24 hours? You’ll get to upgrade to the paid decide to pierce the more advanced features.

One of the downsides is that this plugin has nearly ten negative reviews about not performing the way it should. Positive reviews are abundant, still, so it’d be a commodity you’ll get to test for yourself first.

Get started with Google Analytics by 10Web moment!

4. Analytify a Google Analytics Plugins

analytics WordPress analytics

Analytify rounds out the highest 3 in our trendy Google Analytics WordPress plugins list. It offers super easy installation and, a bit like MonsterInsights, allows you to view your Google Analytics reports right inside your WordPress admin area.

You can also get page-rank analytics for each page and post and detailed stats for your custom post types, like portfolios, galleries, and documentation. analytics post page- rank analytics however, you’ll need addons for a few features, like getting dispatch advertisements together with your reports.

There’s also a Campaigns addon to trace individual juggernauts using UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters. Please do your due diligence in researching this plugin; however, there are some negative reviews concerning glitches, bugs, and too many advertisements in their free interpretation.

Oral pundits might have many exceptions, but it’s always worth looking into before using ANY WordPress Google Analytics reports plugins.

Get started with an Analytify moment!




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