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Crawling v/s indexing

Crawling v/s indexing- Things you need to know

Crawling & indexing two most used terms when we talk about SEO. Let’s see what are they and how are they different. Here is a post on Crawling v/s indexing.

What exactly is crawling? What exactly is a web crawler?

Crawling v/s indexing

Crawling is the process of finding and following links on a page to new pages and finding and following links on new pages to new pages.

A web crawler is software that follows all of the links on a page that lead to other sites and repeats the process until it runs out of new connections or pages to crawl.

Web crawlers go by various names, including robots, spiders, search engine bots, and just “bots” for short. They’re called robots because they have a specific task to complete, travel from link to link, and collect data from each website. Unfortunately, these robots do not resemble real robots with metal plates and arms, as you might expect. Googlebot is the name of Google’s web crawler.

The crawling process must begin somewhere. Google starts with a “seed list” of well-known sites frequently linked to others. They also employ sitemaps submitted by website owners and lists of places they’ve viewed in previous crawls.

A search engine’s crawling of the Internet is a continuous operation. It never truly comes to an end. Search engines must locate new pages that have been published and modify existing pages. They don’t want to squander time and money on pages with solid search result candidates.

The following pages are crawled first by Google: well-liked (linked to often), Excellent quality, Updated frequently, Websites that regularly post new, high-quality content are given precedence.

What exactly is indexing?

Crawling v/s indexing

Indexing is the process of storing and organizing information on a page. The bot renders the page’s code the same way that a browser would. It keeps track of the page’s content, links, and information.

Indexing, in addition to data storage, needs a large amount of computing power. The processing power required to render millions of online pages is enormous. You may have seen this if you have too many browser tabs open!

When it comes to Crawling v/s indexing, what’s the difference?

Crawling is the process of finding new pages and links to them. Indexing is the process of storing, evaluating, and arranging content and page relationships. Parts of indexing are used to guide how a search engine crawls.




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